About Me

Name: Stacey Keltner
Date of Birth: July 10. 1983
Gender: Female
Lives In: Paris, France

Who am I?

I’m Stacey! I’m happily married to a kind, loving – and did I mention handsome? – husband. I work a regular 9-5 job as a cog in some big conglomerate machine that sells junk to people. Not exactly what I was aspiring to, back when I was a kid, but a girl has to afford the latest season’s designer clothes… Just kidding, I’m more of a “save for a rainy day” type of person (I swear 😉 ).

To redeem myself from all the evil I do in the corporate realm, on the weekends I run the site you are currently browsing. And through that very site, I give a helping hand to those who have decided to achieve a superior health, a toned body, a sharp mind, and a beaming self-esteem.

You see, I wasn’t always fit or upbeat like I am today. I was brought up with some pretty bad eating habits and it took me some time to undo the past and sculpt a body I am finally proud of. Now’s my turn to help you out, so you’re in good hands!


I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to taking care of my personal health. I’ve read so many articles, browsed so many forums, bought so many programs and supplements…. to the point where I’m confident I know what I’m talking about; health, nutrition and fitness-wise. EXPERIENCE is the best teacher.

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