What is depression?

We all feel sad and drag our feet from time to time. It’s a normal part of life. However, when this state of sadness, worthlessness and hopelessness persists for months on end, a diagnosis is in order. Depression is an incredibly common mental illness. Somewhere between 350 and 700 million people in the world live 

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Why you ought to exercise when depressed

I know, I know… it’s probably the 11th time you’re being told to exercise, this month, on some health advice-dispensing website. It’s probably the most popular health tip thrown around to prevent everything; second only to “quit smoking.” Maybe you hate hearing it (I sure did when I was depressed), because hard physical work doesn’t sound appealing in your 

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How You Beat Depression

3AM. I’m watching my 8th Game of Thrones episode in a row, on some shady streaming website. A pizza box lays open on my wooden desk, to my left. A half-emptied can of Pringles and a plastic bag of Oreos to my right. My internet connection must to be slowing down, because the TV show keeps 

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