Smoothies – Get your vitamins from a simple, delicious delicacy

Leefy greens, and dark-colored fruits will optimize your diet, and therefore allow your body to thrive. They do so by alkalizing your body and bringing you nutrients, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins – all necessary to your organs.  The problem is… cooking them is time-consuming. And serving them with each meal can be a pain in the ass. Who wants to peel them? Who wants to stir-fry them in a pan or steam-cook them for 30 minutes? Not me, that’s for sure.

Luckily for you and me, we can buy them frozen, in pre-diced format. And we can blend our greens/fruits into a big daily smoothie. Consequently, we can store the latter away and serve ourselves a glassful at any time during the day. Either as a side dish along our big meals, or as a meal of its own.

Which brings me to the meat of this blog post.

I’m about to unveil my two favorite smoothie recipes to you. I dubbed them “The Kale Shake” and “The Blueberry Delight.

I drink them a couple times a week to make sure I supercharge my body with nutrient-rich plant food. In fact, I just had one before typing the article you are now reading. And man does it energize me! There’s nothing quite like doing something you KNOW is good for you. When I start the day on the right foot, health wise, it tends to leek into every other area of my life during the course of that day.

Without further ado, lets list the ingredients for the Kale Shake:

  • four celery stems
  • four stalks kale
  • a cucumber
  • a tad of ginger
  • a pear
  • around 8oz water


Throw everything in a blender, flip the ON switch, and you’ll be seconds away from treating yourself to a glass of healthy green goodness.

The pear helps make the mixture more palatable. It sweetens it up. You could also squeeze an orange and pour the juice (instead of water) inside the blender. Don’t hesitate to add your own twist to this basic recipe. Be creative!

If the Kale Shake doesn’t sound too appealing to you on paper, the Blueberry Delight should satisfy your sugar cravings. While it contains more sugar, it also tastes a lot better – and the sugar is still 100% natural. Light years away from the corn syrup crap you find in candies.

The ingredients are:

  • a handful of blueberries (full of B vitamins, to sharpen your focus)
  • some raspberries
  • some blackcurrant
  • a banana


I recommend you buy the fruits frozen, save for the banana. Make sure the berries are just defrosted enough to lose their solidity, but still cold enough to allow for a fresh beverage. That is, if you intend to consume the mixture right away.

Here’s a pic of the Blueberry Delight I just took from my balcony, this morning.


The cold berries make this smoothie an ideal summer desert. My mom digs it too!


Voila! I hope you’ll try these out.

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